The real impact of ear infections

Did you know that almost 70% of the information your child receives in the classroom is auditory?

That means most of the information needs to be heard accurately and 5 out 6 children have at least one ear infection before the age of 5 which will inhibit their hearing. Did you know that once a middle ear infection has been treated and the pain goes away the fluid build up can remain in the cavity for up to 12 weeks and still inhibit hearing that entire time? This is not a permanent hearing loss, but it definitely is the type of hearing loss that can have lasting effects.

Imagine, not being able to hear the difference between a “p” and a “b” sound for three months, especially during a critical stage of development. Being able to discriminate between phonemes (the different individual sounds) forms the basis of learning how to read and write. Imagine how tiring it must be to try and figure out what people are saying all the time and having to do that in a classroom with loads of other kids.

I know how I get when I get tired…

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