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When it comes to understanding adults’ ability to communicate, it is important to first get an accurate grasp on people’s ability to hear and listen. Bounse offers clinically validated in-person and remote adult hearing tests. At Bounse we reckon hearing can be a bit like riding a bike…

Like many people, you may find that later in life you find certain situations more challenging. Over time, you may gradually find it more difficult to go as fast, or pedal up steep hills like you used to… then one day, someone suggests you should try an e-bike.

What do we do for you?

We sell e-bikes for ears!

Bounse is a specialist communication, learning and development clinic that helps people to listen, learn, develop and get along with others. We absolutely love nothing more than working with adults to overcome challenges, such as difficulty hearing and listening where there is background noise.

Aside from fitting people with hearing aids, Bounse also specialises in auditory processing and helping people of all ages to improve their situation and outlook via the incredible neuroplasticity of their brain.

Neuroplasticity describes the brain’s ability to change its structure, function and the connections or neural pathways. Research has shown that this can be achieved at any stage in life. Aside from providing the very latest digital hearing aid technology, Bounse also provides people with a customised Bounse Brain Training and Auditory Therapy Programme.

Bounse’s audiologists are full members of the New Zealand Audiological Society and are accredited with both ACC and the Ministry of Health and can discuss a number of different funding options.

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