Communication… what goes in

If you read the word “communication”, what do you think about?

To say that it is comprehensive might be an understatement. I mean, it is vital to our relationship with others, it underpins our development from an early age, and it enables us to fit in. If you cannot communicate for whatever reason (and trust me there is a lot of things that can go wrong) it really has a significant, possibly lifelong, impact on you and those around you. That is massive!

I’m sure we can agree that getting it right is really important and supporting our children to get it right is hugely important.

To simplify, communication is information going in via our senses (mainly ears and eyes, visual and auditory), then the information is processed by the brain and then we respond (either verbally, non- verbally, written form or with actions). There are several steps in the process and if there is an inability to communicate effectively, there are numerous ways it could be going wrong.

So, trying to figure out where it goes wrong is a pretty complicated process too and it certainly doesn’t help if you are looking at one step only while ignoring the others. It makes sense to me to look at each step individually but never lose focus of how it all fits together.

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