If you want to listen to the ones you love… even in background noise

– you need to join the Bounse Gym!

If we were meant to talk more than listen, we’d have two mouths and one ear!

Mark Twain

We hear sound with our ears… 

But it is actually our brain that listens

Technology like hearing aids can help our ears to hear… But, to really improve and enhance our ability to listen to the ones we love, and make sense of what we hear, we need to also help by exercising and training our brain.

That is where the Bounse Gym comes in.

As a member of the Bounse Gym you will learn and improve your:

Ability to hear speech in background noise

Auditory attention and comprehension

Processing speed

Working memory

Ability to listen and also retain what you hear

The concept and philosophy behind the Bounse Gym and auditory training is quite simple!

If your fitness had deteriorated and you wanted to be able to complete a 10km or even 50km bike ride… you wouldn’t only buy a new bike or e-bike and expect to have it all sorted!
You might well buy a new bike… but then you’d do stretches, warm-up, get used to the bike and follow a training programme and then go out on training rides to gradually build up your stamina, speed, skill and general fitness.

Joining the Bounse Gym can help you to become, better, stronger, faster and fitter when it comes to your ability to both hear and listen.

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