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Bounse is a specialist communications clinic that can help children, young people and even adults to listen, learn, develop and get along with others.

Bounse exists because we absolutely believe that with the ‘right’ help, delivered in the ‘right’ way, people can change and improve their situation and outlook for the better. When it comes to improving someone’s situation and outlook, we also believe that communication is the key. At Bounse, we strive to break things down to very simple and easily understood principles. We’ve found that people who struggle to listen, learn, develop and get along with others, very often struggle to either:

  • 1
    Receive, the ‘right’ information

  • 2
    Process information, ‘right’

  • 3
    Express, the ‘right’ information, in the ‘right’ way!

Bounse can help with this by working with parents, caregivers, educators and other health professionals to help children and young people overcome obstacles and challenges with communication. From time to time, we also work with adults who need specialist help with things that may not have been diagnosed or treated earlier in their life.

Bounse is a specialist communications clinic. At Bounse we go way beyond assessing people’s ability to hear. Instead, we use the very latest, research backed, audiological science based, methods to systematically test and measure people’s ability to LISTEN.

Because communication is both a science and an art, Bounse approaches things from a wider perspective. We go wider and also deeper because we’re not just clinicians, we’re also people. We want to get to know you and your story, because no challenge or obstacle is ever down to just one thing. It is always important to be aware of everything else that is going on. Read more

One of the key things Bounse can help with is something called Auditory Processing Disorder or APD.

Once we understand an individual’s situation, we have an extensive range of well proven solutions available. Our clinicians will tailor these and work with you to find the ‘right’ solution for each individual.

Anyone who has had more than 2 or 3 ear infections or has been suspected of having, or been diagnosed with trouble hearing or listening, dyslexia, ADHD or autism and other learning and development conditions would benefit from seeing Bounse.

Health professionals, educators and others are able to make a referral to Bounse – to make a referral, please send an email to hello@bounse.co.nz.

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Parents, caregivers and individuals are also able to make appointments with Bounse directly – to make an appointment, please click here

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